Flood Warning Continues for Rock River

Flood Warning Continues for Rock River

The Rock River in Watertown is at 5 feet this morning. Minor flooding is 5.5 feet. The National Weather Service Advanced Hydraulic Prediction Service expects it to remain at 5 feet.

The Rock at Jefferson is at 10 feet, the minor flood stage.

The Rock at Fort Atkinson is at 16.2 feet. Minor flooding is 16 feet.

Lake Koshkonong is at just under 10 feet, the minor flooding stage. Its expected to rise to 10.7 feet by the weekend.

1. The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning for the Rock River at Lake Koshkonong, and maintains the Flood Warning at the Rock River in Afton, WI. The Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service forecasts the following river conditions over the next week, impacting areas in Rock County:

• Rock River at Lake Koshkonong – Approaching “Minor Flooding” levels today, expected to rise to 10.9 feet, bordering “Moderate Flooding” at 11.0 feet by the weekend.
• Rock River at Newville – Currently at 6.01 feet and climbing (Pre-Flooding Stage)
• Rock River at Afton – Currently within range of “Minor Flooding” at 9.26 feet, rising to approximately 10.3 feet by Sunday.

2. The entire Rock River is under a “Slow, No Wake” restr iction, effective May 14th, 2018. Lake Koshkonong is exempt from the restriction.

3. The Town of Milton Board has issued a “Slow, No Wake” on Clear Lake effective May 15, 2018, in accordance with Chapter 38 of their Town Ordinances.

4. Any residents of Fulton and Milton Townships that would like to receive sandbags and sand are instructed to contact their respective Town Halls to coordinate the pickup of sandbags. Sand will be available at the Newville Park and Ride off Interstate 39/90, Wednesday May 16 by 12:00 pm.

a. Fulton Town Hall: 608-868-4103
b. Milton Town Hall: 608-868-2465

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office – Emergency Management Bureau will continue to closely monitor the flooding conditions and the water levels on the Rock River. Residents are encouraged to contact their respective township to request sandbags as needed.

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office is asking citizens to avoid traveling across hi gh water s on roadways and report any immediate, hazardous conditions to Rock County Communications at 608-757-2244.

All requests for sandbags and other concerns related to the current flood situation should be reported to the respective townships or through the Rock County Sheriff’s Office – Emergency Management Bureau at 608-758-8440.

The National Weather Service says forecasts take into account past precipitation, and 24 hours expected future precipitation.