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4 back to school tips for parents of children with ADHD

iStock(NEW YORK) — For parents of the 6.1 million American children with ADHD, going back to school can be a major source of anxiety.Many children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) struggle with school performance, making friends and their general sense of well-being.Medication is frequently a part of ADHD treatment, but along with medications, there…read more »

New guidelines on prescribing fewer opioids could have massive impact: Study

WoodysPhotos/iStockBY DR. NITHIN PAUL (NEW YORK) — Surgeons in Michigan are prescribing fewer opioid medications after operations, but here’s the kicker: Their patients are not complaining. A new study further explores whether too many opioids were being given to patients and how new guidelines can help surgeons curb usage without affecting pain relief. In the…read more »

Three ways to stop the dreaded ‘Sunday scaries’

Just_Human/iStock(NEW YORK) — It’s 5:00 on Sunday night and a familiar feeling of dread starts to set in, as the weekend slips away.Sunday scaries, Sunday night blues and Sunday depression are all terms used to describe the anticipatory anxiety for the week ahead.It’s a phenomenon that has become commonplace, experienced by 81% of Americans, according…read more »

New product line is helping people embrace their baldness

Courtesy Comprehensive Cranium Care(NEW YORK) — Kylie Bamberger was diagnosed with alopecia areata, also known as patchy hair loss, at age 12.By her 15th birthday, as her condition become more severe, Bamberger said she decided to shave her head. “I really wasn’t comfortable with my bald head at all,” Bamberger told ABC News’ Good Morning…read more »

FCC proposes 3-digit number, similar to 911, to combat national ‘suicide epidemic’

releon8211/iStock(NEW YORK) — The Federal Communications Commission is moving forward with a plan to create a new three-digit hotline number, similar to 911, to enable quick access to national suicide prevention resources.In a report sent to Congress earlier this week, the FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau and Office of Economics laid out its recommendation to designate…read more »

Virtual reality may mean real pain relief for hospitalized patients

bombuscreative/iStock(NEW YORK) — For many hospital patients, pain is part of their reality. According to a new study, however, an unreal environment could help. Virtual reality can help.Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center tried virtual reality (VR) technology as a new treatment for pain — and it seemed to work. From orthopedic pain to cancer pain,…read more »