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Five things soon-to-be-married couples can learn from divorced couples

vadimguzhva/iStock(NEW YORK) — When most couples tie the knot, they expect to buck the statistics of getting divorced. But sometimes — nearly half the time, according to some data — couples who enter into wedded bliss end up separating. The reasons for untying the knot are plentiful, from a lack of commitment, to complacency, to…read more »

Dogs developed a range of facial expressions after humans domesticated them: Study

LittleCityLifestylePhotography/iStock(NEW YORK) — Dog owners convinced that their pup could convey a range of expressions through their eyes now have scientific evidence to back it up. Researchers have discovered a key factor that separates wolves from dogs, involving two specialized facial muscles that evolved after they were domesticated by humans, according to a study published…read more »

‘Miracle’ baby born after mom had her fallopian tubes removed

Elizabeth Kough(NEW YORK) — Elizabeth Kough, a mom of four, said she hugs her newborn son, Benjamin, “a little tighter” because of the miraculous way he came into this world.Kough, 39, is still also in shock that she has four children. Nearly four years ago she had both of her fallopian tubes removed in a…read more »

Does Spending time outdoors improve your health?

monkeybusinessimages/iStock(NEW YORK) — Why do people want to spend time in the great outdoors? Perhaps it’s because spending time in nature actually makes you feel better, according to a new study published in Scientific Reports.Researchers in the U.K. asked about 20,000 people how much time they had spent outdoors during the previous week, then gave…read more »

Sisters sell fruit-flavored drinks to help raise money for sickle cell anemia

Desiree Hamilton(SUMMERVILLE, S.C.) — “Stay in the mix with a fruity fix” is a phrase these young entrepreneurs live by.Armani, 13, and Amaya Jefferson, 12, founders of Mani & Maya’s Fruity Treats, started their own business in Summerville, South Carolina, to raise money to help find a cure for sickle cell anemia, which affects their…read more »

Recalled Ragu pasta sauce may be contaminated with plastic, company says

Mizkan America, Inc.(NEW YORK) — Mizkan America, Inc. has issued a voluntary recall for multiple flavors of its pasta sauces that may contain fragments of plastic.There have been no reports of consumer injuries or complaints, the company announced in a press release over the weekend.The affected sauces were produced between June 4 and 8.The sauces…read more »