The Three Things Your Business Needs To Be Doing Right Now

Advertising in today’s uncertainty demands a disciplined approach that directly addresses what your customers need to know to do business with you.  It’s not complex; in fact it is very straightforward.

There are three elements to incorporate into your marketing messages.  Regardless of the medium you choose, these three elements need to be in your messaging.


EDUCATE:  How has doing business with you changed?  This is where you’ll detail the new ways you are conducting business and may include a change in hours, contactless service, valet pickup and delivery, or only so many customers in the store at a time.  Whatever your customer needs to know before they come to you.


ASSURE: It’s important that your customers know they will be safe coming to you.  Tell them the measures you have taken to keep your business compliant with CDC guidelines.  “We’ll be wearing a mask, and wearing gloves” would be one example.  The main point is to make the customers know you care about their safety and peace of mind.


INVITE:  Just asking them to do business with you is only part of the work.  Give your customers a compelling reason to do business with you:  A great offer, free shipping or delivery, buy one get one free, whatever you feel would get your customers excited about reconnecting with you.  Hint: 10% off is NOT going to get it done.  If all you tell them is “Yes, we’re open” don’t expect much to change.


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