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As states crack down on gatherings, some religious exemptions could keep pews full

iStock(NEW YORK ) — Despite repeated warnings from health experts about the risk of social interaction over novel coronavirus, governors in at least three states have exempted houses of worship from statewide bans on mass gatherings, and this weekend will offer a first test to see if any congregations forge ahead despite the warnings.Michigan Gov.…read more »

Louisiana researchers studying monkeys for a coronavirus vaccine face challenges as state cases spike

iStock(NEW ORLEANS) — In Louisiana, amid skyrocketing rates of the novel coronavirus and a statewide stay-at-home order, scientists are finding themselves face-to-face with the virus they hope to develop a vaccine for.At the Tulane National Primate Research Center (TNPRC), scientists from across the United States are coordinating their research in nonhuman primates, like rhesus macaques,…read more »

At-home coronavirus test kits are still not in the hands of consumers: Here’s why

iStock(NEW YORK) — As government and health care officials plead for expanded access to high-speed COVID-19 tests, health care companies across the country began mobilizing their resources to meet the growing demands with direct-to-consumer kits.The benefits of such kits could be substantial, allowing everyday people to test themselves for COVID-19 in the privacy of their…read more »

What we know about coronavirus’ long-term effects

iStock(NEW YORK) — In the months since the novel coronavirus exploded into a pandemic, we have heard a range of stories about those who have been stricken by the disease — the vast majority with mild symptoms, but an increasing number needing to be hospitalized.But what about those who were reported to have recovered from…read more »

Website allows people to report coronavirus symptoms, track spread

iStock(NEW YORK) — As health experts and public officials have warned that confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus are likely nowhere near the actual number of people infected, medical professionals in Boston have created a website to help close the gap.”COVID Near You” allows the public to report coronavirus-related symptoms. The site asks users how…read more »

Can recovered coronavirus patients help combat the disease?

narvikk/iStock(NEW YORK) — It’s a critical, urgent question in the battle to save American lives — and one that a growing number of institutions, including one of New York’s preeminent medical centers, will attempt to answer.Dr. David Reich, the president of Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, said his team of experts is in the process…read more »