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Despite calls for global cooperation, US and China fight over leading coronavirus response

Oleksii Liskonih/iStock(WASHINGTON) — The U.S. and Chinese governments have increasingly turned the novel coronavirus pandemic into a contest over their primacy as the world’s leading humanitarian force, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo highlighting U.S. contributions to global aid agencies Tuesday and pushing back on Chinese propaganda about its overseas assistance.But as the pandemic spreads…read more »

After ‘Zoom bombings’, other incidents, FBI warns of videoconferencing hijacking amid coronavirus

iStock/AndreyPopov(BOSTON) — As more Americans rely on videoconferencing for work and to keep connected to love ones amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning of potential hijacks of videoconferencing applications.Overnight, the FBI highlighted two incidents in Massachusetts related to the popular videoconferencing app Zoom.”In late March 2020, a Massachusetts-based high…read more »

Captain of aircraft carrier struck by coronavirus wants sailors off ship

ABC News(WASHINGTON) — In an unusually blunt memo, the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier has warned top Navy leaders that most of his ship’s crew of 5,000 needs to be quarantined ashore in Guam — because he’s concerned that keeping them on the ship would continue the spread of the novel coronavirus.A…read more »

DOJ watchdog finds new errors in FBI’s handling of surveillance warrants

ABC News(WASHINGTON) — A new audit into the FBI’s surveillance warrant application process has uncovered a series of errors made by agents seeking wiretaps on subjects of national security investigations, a Justice Department watchdog revealed Tuesday.DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz said the results of audit, which grew from last year’s scathing report that scrutinized the…read more »

Trump administration finalizes more lenient fuel economy rule, rolling back Obama-era policy

Andrei Stanescu/iStock(WASHINGTON) — The Trump administration will require car and truck companies to make modest improvements to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and fuel economy standards, finalizing a rollback of more ambitious requirements put in place by former President Barack Obama as part of policies intended to combat climate change.The Environmental Protection Agency and Department of…read more »

‘Draft Cuomo 2020’ groundswell emerges amid the New York governor’s coronavirus response

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — As the number of Americans impacted by the deadly coronavirus continues to climb, some voters looking for decisive action are turning to state leaders for guidance — chief among them, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose daily press conferences and emphatic communication style has gradually captivated audiences across the…read more »