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La. governor warns state’s health care system could be overwhelmed by early April

ABC News(WASHINGTON) — As Louisiana emerges as a new hotspot in the spread of novel coronavirus, Gov. Jon Bel Edwards said the state now has the third-highest number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases in the United States, per capita, in just over a month.”We remain on a trajectory, really to overwhelm our capacity to deliver…read more »

Biden consolidates support, but trails badly in enthusiasm: Poll

ABC News(NEW YORK) — Former Vice President Joe Biden has emerged as Democrats’ top choice for the presidential nomination in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, but with only bare majority support within his party and a massive enthusiasm gap in a November matchup against President Donald Trump.Indeed, strong enthusiasm for Biden among his supporters…read more »

‘Hard to know’ if imperfect stimulus bill will help everybody: Larry Kudlow

ABC News(WASHINGTON) — National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow touted President Donald Trump’s signing this week of “the biggest assistance package in history,” but acknowledged the difficulty in saying with certainty whether the funds would be enough to meet the needs of the millions of Americans impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic.”It may not be…read more »

Who would get what and when from the $2 trillion stimulus package

MCCAIG/iStock(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump on Friday signed the massive $2 trillion stimulus package into law during a signing ceremony in the Oval Office.”I want to thank Democrats and Republicans for coming together and putting America first,” Trump said.The House passed the bill, the largest aid measure in American history, earlier Friday in a voice…read more »